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Bissell Web Design produces professional restaurant, diner, bar & lounge websites for the hospitality industry.

Bissell Web Design has a web solution for everyone from the local home town Main Street hamburger grill to the latest chic, upscale, trendy restaurant location in town. We believe in creating extremely beautiful websites at extremely affordable prices. Our website packages are designed to make building your website and giving you a web presence easy and straightforward.

  • Simply choose a 'look' or design for your website from our Template Samples page. We can modify the colors to match your logo or restaurant color scheme if preferred.
  • Choose a color scheme of 2-3 colors from the Color Chooser page.
  • Decide what pages you want in your website from the following list: (See Pricelist for package prices per number of pages that you would like to be included in your website).
    • Home (required)
    • Breakfast Menu
    • Lunch Menu
    • Dinner Menu
    • To Go Menu
    • Our Menu (for those restaurants with only 1 menu and that do not have separate Breakfast, Lunch, and/or Dinner menus)
    • Our Wine List
    • About Us
    • Mission Statement
    • News and Events
    • Photo Gallery
    • Directions/Map
    • Contact Us
  • With the above decisions made, simply fill out the Get Started Form with all your information & click on the submit button to start the process. We will next call to consult with you on what your needs and expectations are, and well arrange for you to send us the information we need to begin your website, such as:
    • Your logo
    • Photos of your restaurant
    • Text content
    • Contact information
    • Menus, wine lists, etc.
  • If you do not already have a Domain Name or a Hosting Service, we can discuss options with you for getting these items taken care of.
  • Email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have during the process.


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